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Printable local weather flyer for High Park Village, Toronto, ON, Canada.

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The WXSIM forecast is not currently available.

Weather for High Park Village Weather Station
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UV Index UV Index UV Index
6.4 6.7 6.5
 High   High   High 

Report from High Park Village Toronto,Canada.
Yest. Hi 19.6 C at 17:30 Lo 1.1 C at 06:41 Yest. Hi 1021.1 mb at 11:08 Lo 1011.6 mb at 23:26
Month Hi 19.6 °C on 4/17/2019 Lo -4.5 °C on 4/1/2019 Month Hi 1033.3 mm on 4/4/2019 Lo 990.2 mm on 4/15/2019
Year Hi 19.6 °C on 4/17/2019 Lo -21.4 °C on 1/21/2019 Year Hi 1040.7 mm on 2/9/2019 Lo 985.4 mm on 2/24/2019  

RainWind GustThe SunMoon Camweb
Yest. 0.0 mm Yest. 11.3 kmh SSW at 18:52 Sunrise: 06:29 Moonrise: 19:20
Month 15.5 mm Month 45.0 km/h on 4/3/2019 Sunset: 20:06 Moonset: 06:58
Year 67.9 mm Year 45.0 km/h on 4/3/2019 Daylight Hrs: 13:37 Illuminated: 100%

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