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Field names and description used in WXSIM data files

First column to be implemented.
Column "lastret.txt contains the field names as used by WRET => lastret.txt output,
   not all fields are present in your own lastret.txt.
Column "latest.csv contains the field names as contained in latest.csv,
   normally all fields should be present when using the professional version.
The page is sorted on the field/column "field description".
You can sort the table on column 2-4 by clicking in the heading.
First click descending, second click ascending.

fieldgroup Lastret.txt latest.csv field description
 TSCDmising lfield nameConvection index
 D.ADmising lfield nameDew point advection
 DEWDew Pt.Dew pt
 ET0LET0 Long Reference CropET0 Long Reference Crop
 ETLTTotal ET0 Long ReferenceET0 Long Reference Total
 ET0SET0 Short Reference CropET0 Short Reference Crop
 ETSTTotal ET0 Short ReferenceET0 Short Reference Total
 ETACActual EvapotransiprationEvapotransipration Actual
 ETATTotal Actual EvapotranspirationEvapotranspiration Actual Total
 mising field nameFreezing LevelFreezing Level (highest)
 mising field nameSnow LevelFreezing level when no precip
 G1HR1 hr GustGust 1 hour
 G1MN1 min GustGust 1 minute
 G10M10 min GustGust 10 minutes
 G6HR6 hr GustGust 6 hour
 HCUPHeat Conducted Up to SurfaceHeat Conducted Up to Surface
 HLATLatent HeatHeat Latent
 HSENSensible HeatHeat Sensible
 HT.IHeat IndHeat index
 HMDXmising lfield nameHumidex
 INTmising lfield nameINT
 I.RTmising lfield nameIrrigation rate
 ITOTTotal IrrigationIrrigation total
 LCLmising lfield nameLifting Cond. Level
 L.CDSky CovLower cloud cover (level 1/2)
 RNETNet RadiationNet Radiation
 POPmising lfield namePrecipitation chance/hour
 P.RTmising lfield namePrecipitation rate
 PTOTTot.PrcpPrecipitation total
 SLPS.L.P.Pressure at sea level
 %RHRel.Hum.Relative humidity
 mising field nameSC L1SC L1
 mising field nameSC L2SC L2
 mising field nameSC L3SC L3
 mising field nameSC L4SC L4
 mising field nameSC L5SC L5
 SWXOSevere indexSevere thunderstorms
 SKYmising lfield nameSky cover total
 VSTVis TransSky visible trans. %
 SN.CSnow DpthSnow/ice depth
 MSO1Soil Moisture Depth 1Soil moisture in % - depth 1
 MSO2Soil Moisture Depth 2Soil moisture in % - depth 2
 MSO3Soil Moisture Depth 3Soil moisture in % - depth 3
 MS04Soil Moisture Depth 4Soil moisture in % - depth 4
 MS05Soil Moisture Depth 5Soil moisture in % - depth 5
 SMT1Soil Tension Depth 1Soil moisture in cb /kPa -depth 1
 SMT2Soil Tension Depth 2Soil moisture in cb /kPa -depth 2
 SMT3Soil Tension Depth 3Soil moisture in cb /kPa -depth 3
 SMT4Soil Tension Depth 4Soil moisture in cb /kPa -depth 4
 SMT5Soil Tension Depth 5Soil moisture in cb /kPa -depth 5
 S.IRSolar RadSolar radiation
 BImising lfield nameStability Boyden index
 KImising lfield nameStability K index
 KOImising lfield nameStability KO index
 LILIStability Lifted index
 SImising lfield nameStability Showalter index
 TTImising lfield nameStability Total totals
 mising field nameStn.Pres.Station level pressure?
 S.ALSun AltSun altitude
 TIMEmising lfield nameTIME
 TOTmising lfield nameTOT
 15M15 mTemperature 15 m (50 ft)
 850TT_850 mbTemperature 850mb
 T.ADmising lfield nameTemperature Advection
 HILLHill TmpTemperature Hill
 BLYRmising lfield nameTemperature boundary layer
 GRSGrass TemperatureTemperature grass level
 LVL1T_Lvl 1Temperature level 1
 TMAXHi TempTemperature max
 TMINLow TempTemperature min
 AIRTemperatureTemperature outside
 TSO1Soil Temperature Depth 1Temperature soil depth 1
 TSO2Soil Temperature Depth 2Temperature soil depth 2
 TSO3Soil Temperature Depth 3Temperature soil depth 3
 TSO4Soil Temperature Depth 4Temperature soil depth 4
 TSO5Soil Temperature Depth 5Temperature soil depth 5
 SURFSoil Surface TemperatureTemperature surface level
 VLYVly TmpTemperature valley
 THK10-5 ThkThickness
 TSMOConvection indexThunder/Showers
 UVIUV IndexUV index
 VISVISVisibility horizontal
 WEATHERWX Type 1Weather condition
  WX Type 2Multiple defined latest.csv
 WETWet BulbWet buld
 WDIRmising lfield nameWind direction compass
 W.DIRWind Dir.Wind direction degrees
 W.SPWind Spd.Wind speed
 WCFWind ChlWindchill
Source: www.weerstation-leuven.be

Condition codes and description used in WXSIM data files

First column groups condition at highest level used in the scripts.
Column "condition" contains the text used in the two WX fields in latest.csv
and the WEATHER field in lastret.txt
You will find a lot of "double" conditions which differ only in the last character.
This is caused be the 1 character shorter description in lastret.txt as opposed to the
WX descriptions in latest.csv.
Column "text" contains the text used to translate the condition description to the correct language
Column "code' is used to determine the correct icon code of three digits.
the group "sky" is used for the first digit,the precipitation is used for the last two digits
You can sort the table on column 2-4 by clicking in the heading.
First click descending, second click ascending.

Les groupes de première colonne conditionnent au niveau le plus élevé utilisé dans les scripts.
Colonne "condition" contient le texte utilisé dans les deux champs WX dans latest.csv et le champ
WEATHER dans lastret.txt.
Vous trouverez beaucoup de "double" conditions qui ne diffèrent que dans le dernier caractère.
Cela est dû à la description plus courte de 1 caractère dans lastret.txt par opposition aux descriptions
WX dans last.csv
La colonne «texte» contient le texte utilisé pour traduire la description de la condition dans la langue
La colonne «code» est utilisée pour déterminer le code d'icône correct de trois chiffres.
Le groupe "ciel" est utilisé pour le premier chiffre,
La précipitation est utilisée pour les deux derniers chiffres
Vous pouvez trier le tableau de la colonne 2-4 en cliquant sur l'en-tête.
Tout d'abord cliquez en descendant, puis cliquez sur le croissant.

group condition code  text
skyHAZY SUNsunny with haze
skyM.CLEAR100 clear mostly
skyFAIR100 clear mostly
skyCLR-FAIR100 clear mostly
skyM.SUNNY100 clear mostly
skyFAIR-P.C.200 cloudy partly
skyFAIR-P.C200 cloudy partly
skyP.CLOUDY200 cloudy partly
skyP.-M.CLDY300 cloudy mostly
skyP.-M.CLD300 cloudy mostly
skyM.CLOUDY300 cloudy mostly
skyM.C.-CLDY400 cloudy
skyM.C.-CLD400 cloudy
skyCLOUDY400 cloudy
skyDNS.OVCST400 overcast
skyDNS.OVCS400 overcast
drizzleCHNC. DRZL10 drizzle chance of
drizzleCHNC. DRZ10 drizzle chance of
rainCHNC. SHWR10 showers chance of
rainCHNC. SHW10 showers chance of
rainDRIZZLE10 drizzle
rainLIGHT RAIN10 rain light
rainLIGHT RAI10 rain light
drizzlePROB. DRZL10 drizzle probably
drizzlePROB. DRZ10 drizzle probably
rainPROB. SHWR10 showers probably
rainPROB. SHW10 showers probably
rainMOD. RAIN11 rain moderate
rainHEAVY RAIN12 rain heavy
rainHEAVY RAI12 rain heavy
rainCH. RN/SNW20 rain and or snow chance of
rainCH. RN/SN20 rain and or snow chance of
snowCH. SNW/RN20 snow and or rain chance of
snowCH. SNW/R20 snow and or rain chance of
snowCHNC. SNOW20 snow chance of
snowCHNC. SNO20 snow chance of
snowLIGHT SNOW20 snow light
snowLIGHT SNO20 snow light
rainLT. RN/SNW20 rain and or snow light
rainLT. RN/SN20 rain and or snow light
snowLT. SNW/RN20 snow and or rain light
snowLT. SNW/R20 snow and or rain light
rainPR. RN/SNW20 rain and or snow probably
rainPR. RN/SN20 rain and or snow probably
snowPR. SNW/RN20 snow and or rain probably
snowPR. SNW/R20 snow and or rain probably
snowPROB. SNOW20 snow probably
snowPROB. SNO20 snow probably
snowPROB.SNOW20 snow probably
snowMOD. SNOW31 snow moderate
snowSN. FLURRY30 snow flurries
snowSN. FLURR21 snow flurries
rainRAIN/SNOW31 rain and or snow
icySNOW/RAIN31 snow and or rain
snowHEAVY SNOW22 snow heavy
snowHEAVY SNO22 snow heavy
snowHVY.SNW/RN22 snow and or rain heavy
snowHVY.SNW/R22 snow and or rain heavy
rainHVY.RN/SNW22 rain and or snow heavy
rainHVY.RN/SN22 rain and or snow heavy
icyCH. FRZ.RN30 freezing rain chance of
icyCH. FRZ.R30 freezing rain chance of
icyCH. RN/SLT30 rain and or sleet chance of
icyCH. RN/SL30 rain and or sleet chance of
icyCH. SLT/FR30 sleet and or freezing rain chance of
icyCH. SLT/F30 sleet and or freezing rain chance of
icyCH.SLT/MIX30 sleet and or mix chance of
icyCH.SLT/MI30 sleet and or mix chance of
icyCH.SLT/SNW30 sleet and or snow chance of
icyCH.SLT/SN30 sleet and or snow chance of
icyCHNC.SLEET30 sleet chance of
icyCHNC.SLEE30 sleet chance of
icyFRZ. DRZL30 freezing drizzle
icyFRZ. RAIN30 freezing rain
icyICE STORM30 ice storm
icyLT. SLEET30 sleet light
icyLT.SLT/MIX30 sleet and or mixture light
icyLT.SLT/MI30 sleet and or mixture light
icyLT.SLT/SNW30 sleet and or snow light
icyLT.SLT/SN30 sleet and or snow light
icyPR. FRZ.RN30 freezing rain probably
icyPR. FRZ.R30 freezing rain probably
icyPR. RN/SLT30 rain and or sleet probably
icyPR. RN/SL30 rain and or sleet probably
icyPR.SLT/MIX30 sleet and or mixture probably
icyPR.SLT/MI30 sleet and or mixture probably
icyPR.SLT/SNW30 sleet and or snow probably
icyPR.SLT/SN30 sleet and or snow probably
icyPR. SLT/FR30 sleet and or freezing rain probably
icyPR. SLT/F30 sleet and or freezing rain probably
icyPROB.SLEET30 sleet probably
icyPROB.SLEE30 sleet probably
icyMOD. SLEET31 sleet moderate
icyMOD. SLEE31 sleet moderate
icyRAIN/SLEET31 rain and or sleet
icyRAIN/SLEE31 rain and or sleet
icySLEET/MIX31 sleet and or mixture
icySLEET/SNOW31 sleet and or snow
icySLEET/SNO31 sleet and or snow
icySLT/FRZ.RN31 sleet and or freezing rain
icySLT/FRZ.R31 sleet and or freezing rain
icyBLIZZARD32 snow and blizzards
icyHVY. SLEET32 sleet heavy
icyHVY. SLEE32 sleet heavy
icyHVY.SLT/MX32 sleet and or mix heavy
icyHVY.SLT/M32 sleet and or mix heavy
icyHVY.SLT/SN32 sleet and or mix heavy
icyHVY.SLT/S32 sleet and or mix heavy
fogLIGHT FOG50 fog light
fogMOD. FOG51 fog moderate
fogDENSE FOG52 fog dense
dewLIGHT DEW-1 dew light
dewMOD. DEW-1 dew moderate
dewHEAVY DEW-1 dew heavy
frostSCTD.FROST-1 frost scattered
frostSCTD.FROS-1 frost scattered
frostLT. FROST-1 frost light
frostMOD. FROST-1 frost moderate
frostMOD. FROS-1 frost moderate
frostHVY. FROST-1 frost heavy
frostHVY. FROS-1 frost heavy